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How to Make Money
How to Make Money Online

The Struggle to Make Money Online

Being online for a very long time, it is natural to see, read, observe, note and notice all that happens on the web. Trends in marketing, advertising, search engine optimization and other vital parts of the ongoing process of building a business, a profile and gaining notice and presence online is a never ending struggle. For most, this struggle will end in dismal failure. It is not that the product, service or something that they have to offer to others is not valuable of essential. It is most often the fact that people trying to market goods and services online simply do not have the patience, the fortitude or the guts to keep going, even though no progress is being seen immediately. There is one rule that has superseded all others online when it comes to marketing, advertising, branding and promoting online.


Over the course of years since 2004, I have met all types of people, come in contact with all types of goods, services and worthy (some anyway) and other resources on the world wide web. Some were very good, some were very bad and most had one simple thing (and problem) in common. They simply did not have the ability to marketing, advertise, brand and creatively express themselves and their product on the web in a particular way that gains notoriety and presence via the search engine spidering system found on the Internet on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, DuckDuckGo and all the other major search engines.

Patience is only one part of the equation, and the reason that people fail to make money online. Ego is one of the most prevailing problems in 2018 concerning marketing and advertising on the web effectively. People THINK that they know all about advertising, marketing, creative writing, building a good website and other factors that all go into the process called search engine optimization. The problem is that most do not have one single clue, even though they may be trained from a local University in marketing, advertising and business, that does not mean that they have one foggy clue about real time “down in the trenches” work online. That fancy marketing and business degree means absolutely ZERO when it is applied to actual work online.

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Lose the Ego and Begin to Learn to Earn!

Most do not realize that working online is no different at all than going to a 9-5 job. It is all about consistency, persistency and a never quit attitude. Those that are willing to work for YEARS with NO SUCCESS will eventually succeed. The others will fall by the wayside, just like the billions of unseen websites on the world wide web that (looked so good!) Those websites may have been beautiful, but in reality, and to the search engine spiders, they are nothing but digital trash!

Losing preconceived ideas on how to build a business on the web is one of the main issues that anyone will have when coming here to design success from some type of business model. There are hard and fast rules that do apply to anyone and everyone who chooses to market something of value on the web. In all reality, you are reading just one of those right here and now. Creative content written in a keyword specific manner is what works today, worked yesterday, and will always work online!

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